for demos or regular contact use this e-mail adress

We only accept demos as fully labeled track file like this

2-3 Tracks in a Zipfile is enough, upload it to a Hoster like, or your Dropbox Account

if you wanna send us your mp3 directly via email, we only accept mails with less than 10MB Zipfiles.

please check our latest releases to find out what we want!
Don’t send us your boring trance, dance or other charts oriented music. We’re not a label to support this stuff.
We focused on the dancefloor in Techno Clubs and not in Discotheques or your Grandmothers kitchen. 😀

We would be very happy, if you find the time to donate some money for this project because of costs, spending time and efforts.  
You will find the donate button via paypal in the right corner of our website.

Thank you & cheers,

Your Tribetoolz Team =)

Our Mastering Engineer DAM Mastering Berlin

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